Thursday, December 31, 2009

Outlook 2010

It is this time of the year again... Here is a summary of 2010 forecasts for the S&P500.

Targets for 2010 range from 1120 to 1350 with an average of 1239, up ca 10% from today's level.

As usual to be taken with a grain of salt though last year's bunch of strategists did okay with three of them pretty much on target.

Bloomberg has a similar summary here with the key data pasted below:

The following table presents estimates from strategists at
brokerages for where the S&P 500 will finish 2010 and the
implied percentage change from today’s close of 1,114.11.

Firm Strategist Estimate %Change
Bank of America David Bianco 1,275 14.4
Barclays Barry Knapp 1,120 0.5
Citigroup Tobias Levkovich 1,150 3.2
Credit Suisse Andrew Garthwaite 1,125 1.0
Deutsche Bank Binky Chadha 1,260 13.1
Goldman Sachs David Kostin 1,250 12.2
JPMorgan Thomas Lee 1,300 16.7
Oppenheimer Brian Belski 1,300 16.7
RBC Myles Zyblock 1,200 7.7
UBS Thomas Doerflinger 1,250 12.2
AVERAGE 1,223 9.8


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